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Multi cutting with auto gauging thru bore honing tool
  • AB-104G (Dia 50mm and above)
AB-104G (Dia 50mm and above) Multi Stone Honing Tool

Ranges of Multi Cutting Auto Gauging Honing Tool : AB-104G - Dia ø50 mm & above
Product code Honing Tool
Honing Tool CBN/Diamond
Dimension W x H
floating holder
Retraction Send Enquiry
AB-104G-5060 DIA 50 - 60 4  x 3 Optional Spring
All dimensions are in mm, Other ranges on request


Good bore geometry such as roundness, cylindricity, straightness and surface finish.
Lower friction across the interior surface.
Creates unique groove like structure in the interior surface to enhance the components ability to stay lubricated.
Minimize surface roughness to negligible levels, Minimize wear and tear.
Has a positive impact on productivity, owing to smoother, faster inner surfaces.
Ensures consistency of dimensions.

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