∅42.2 Single Roller Carbide Burnishing Tool

Basic Tool Design :

               Type ∅42 single roller carbide burnishing tool consist of a tool body equipped with a tool shank, a spring assembly that allows the roller head to move axially with no play and very low friction. Roller bearing assembly allows the carbide roller to rotate freely without any play. Oil nipple assembled to fill the oil with regular internal. Square shank we can interchange either left hand or right hand tool.


Application :

1. Save machine time and set - up costs by burnishing a variety of part surfaces with one tool.
2. Produce high - quality finish 0.2 to 0.3 Ra achievable in one go.
3. Improve part wear through cold working.
4. Tool body's spring assembly positioned at an angle to 90º angle to work piece surface.
5. Roller head attached to the tool body's spring - loaded section.
6. Extremely narrow roller with an integrated four - point bearing


Total Type Height (mm) Square Shank (mm) Basic Dimension (mm) Send Enquiry
h1 h2 p a t c d
42 SRCBT 50 67 - 91 20
63.4 18.7 130 41
Cutting Speed : 100m/min
Feed Rate : 0.1 to 0.8 mm/rev
All dimensions are in mm, Other ranges on request


Pre burnishing surface finish 1 to 1.5 Ra to be obtained.
Short cycle time.
Complete machining with one chucking.
Can be used as right or left - handed tool.
Best quality CARBIDE Rollers is use.
It removes the second machine and personnel requirements.
Both directions of rotation possible.
Best suitable for frequently varying job diameters.
Single tool can burnish any diameter. (i.e. ∅20mm and above)
Single pass operation.
Highly cost effective.
It is easy to change the spare part.
Process time is short.
It does not make sawdust.

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