AB - 316 (external) Spherical Roller Burnishing Tool

External Spherical burnishing tool used for finishing external radius surface of the part. It can be made based on work piece diameter and length specifications.

  • Spherical Roller Burnishing Tool : AB-316 (External)
OSPT Series Spherical Roller Burnishing Tool

Ranges of Spherical Roller Burnishing Tool : AB-316 (External)
Product code Nominal Range
Dia D
Body Dia
ØC x K
Max. Force
Shank Size Send Enquiry
OD Series Morse Taper
Straight (Optional)
Ø d g6 x L1
AB-316-0615 6 - 15 28 x 75 4 MT2 25 x 60
AB-316-1530 15 - 30 37 x 90 13.2 MT2 40 x 70
All dimensions are in mm, Other ranges on request


Superior Surface Finish :
A Ra value of 0.05 to 0.2 can be achieved as against 0.5 to 3.5 through conventional methods like grinding, reaming, drilling, boring or turning.
High Repeatability :
Consistency in dimensional accuracy in microns can be maintained irrespective of volumes.
Enhances Productivity :
The tool processes components in seconds as compared to minutes taken by conventional methods like reaming, grinding, lapping or honing. As result of reduction in time, productivity can be maximized.
Improves Surfaces Hardness :
Metal squeezing process increase the surface hardness by about 5 – 10%.where has deep rolling thus the increase the surface hardness 20 to 30% are more.
Value for Money :
Higher productivity and lower time cycles translate to saving in costs. Also this process can be done by unskilled labor thus further saving on costs.
Low Investment :
Guide roller, rollers and cages etc. Can be replaced easily once worn out thus preventing the need to invest in new tool every time.
Enhances Surface Hardness :
Cold rolled condenses the grain structure of the metal thus resulting in hard corrosion resistant surface. The surface hardness increase to 5 to 10% are more with penetration of 0.25mm to 0.76mm. This increases the component life and improves fatigue resistance and surface hardness.
Compatibility :
Burnishing tools from Abhi can be used on both conventional and NC controlled machines. Also reduced friction, reduced noise level.

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